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Our range of completely portable sandblasting services.

Attractive Concrete Finishes, Brick & Wood Restoration, & Paint Stripping

There are a range of uses for sandblasting, and you can trust Colbeck & Company, Inc. to provide for all of them. We offer concrete sandblast finishes, paint stripping, brick & wood restoration, and much more for our clients. Sandblasting is an excellent service for new concrete walls and pavement to create a variety of finishes, and it can be used to remove paint or stains from concrete, wood, and brick. Additionally, it’s excellent at preparing steel for finishing.

Versatile Services

Stencils can be used to create patterns, logos, names, or phrases on concrete, brick, and wood. Sandblasting also increases slip resistance on smooth surfaces, and evens out the appearance of blotchy concrete. CMU walls can be sandblasted instead of acid washed to remove efflorescence. Pool decks are an excellent choice as the sandblasting creates a slip-resistance finish that is easier on the feet and looks great.

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Sandblast finishes applied to color swatches on concrete pavement. pavement.